From JavaScript to ELM – Step 2: Types, Cases & HelloWorld

Learning elm improved my coding skills and deepened my understanding of functional programming. This is a post in a step-by-step series that will explain how to develop a simple game using elm from the point of view of a JavaScript programmer. If you haven’t read previous posts, it is recommended, here is the list:

1. Intro
2. Basics

Lets dive in.

Every variable in Elm has a certain type. We have seen that 5, 3.14, "hello", False, etc.. are all of different simple familiar types, Int, Float, String, Bool… Let’s dive into some more complicated types

Data structure types

Here are some types of lists.

Notice that empty lists have the type of List a. In this example a could be any type. It could be List Int, List String or any other type. This is due to lack of information about the content of the list.

Types of records:

Tuples’ types are simply notated

Types of functions
In elm there is a special way to write types of functions.

The type annotation for the function add is

Int -> Int -> Int

In english, this means “given an Int, and another Int, produces an Int”. One can ask why isn’t it written like that Int, Int -> Int

But there is a good reason for it. Remember that in elm every function is curried? Well, there is a different way to approach this type annotation:

Int -> (Int -> Int)

In English “given an Int produces a function that when given an Int, produces Int”

Lets observe this while we annotate our functions with types

Can you see the sense? Each Int information you supply to the “system” cuts the chain in one step, until you reach to a variable of Int. add can be described as a function that sums two integers, or a function that builds another function that adds a constant to a variable. The type annotation Int -> Int -> Int keeps all possibilities open.

Note, it is very recommended, yet not mandatory, to annotate your functions with types.

Now suppose we use records of x and y integer members to represent coordinates in a game. A creator function for this structure looks like this:

Note that a & b could be named x & y as well, I just wanted to avoid confusion.

The function above accepts two numbers and produces a coordinate. It is easy to see how the code gets verbose pretty quick with record’s type annotations. What would happen if instead of a coordinate I were to produce a record with 12 fields?

Type alias
You can name complex data types in order to simplify things.
Instead of writing { x = Int, y = Int } every time a function accepts a coordinate as a parameter or produces a one as a return value you can simply write:

Note, All type names must be capitalized.

This makes the word Coordinate exactly the same as
{ x = Int, y = Int }. In the sense that you could rewrite newCoordinate to look like:

But actually, after the type alias expression there is no need for newCoordinate as well. This is because every type alias is already a constructor. say what?!

If you want to create new coordinate you can simply write

Union Types & Cases
They allow you create more complex type structures, at first they look like enums but there is more to them, welcome union types.

The statement above says that a type of CheckerPiece can be of three optional values, White, Black or None. And so, White, Black and None are all values of the type CheckerPiece.

Now lets see how to use them, say we want to write a predicate function to check if a certian piece has a color as oppose to None.

The code above states that if a piece value is None then it has no color, otherwise it is. This could also be written like that:

But this will not compile:

It will display the Error of

Elm took care of a possibility we didn’t think of. In JavaScript our predicate function would return undefined and who knows if things are under control or not? Imagine that this predicate has over 100 places were it is being called in the code, can one be sure that all of them are handling undefined?

Let’s dive to some more complex Union Types. A checker piece has a coordinate as well, doesn’t it?

One way to implement this would be

And you could create coordinated pieces like that

But wait a minute, I don’t want None to have a location, it is silly. Thus CoordinatedPiece is a bad solution for the problem. If I want Just white and black to have a location this is how it is done.

Assuming Coordinate is already defined as a type alias for { x = Int, y = Int }, I can now create a white checker piece only by delivering a coordinate as well.

Note that p & n are of the same type.

A cool thing that helps to understand what is going on is by understanding the type of White itself. It is actually a function of type
Coordinate -> CheckerPiece

Meaning, only when given a Coordinate then it is fully a CheckerPiece.

Now let us imagine that I want to implement a function that returns a pieces location.

The function accepts a default location as a way to answer in case the pieces value is None. In the future I’ll display a better way to deal with values that may or may not be. Note that I can deconstruct the union type to its pieces inside a case expression. By declaring a variable named “location” it automatically has the value of the first argument White function accepted, if the piece is a actually white. Same goes to black’s case, and to emphasize it I gave it a rather odd name.

Cooldown time

It took me a little while to grasp these concepts. What are the differences between union types and type aliases? What can or can’t be done with case expressions. It helps to read the article more then once, also it is recommended to start play with things.

So, for starters, this is an “Hello World” example in Elm

The important thing to understand is that elm starts from a function called main. And that text is a function that accepts string and turn it into displayed HTML.

The site is a really cool place to start playing with elm code. I wrote few lines to show how to use the examples from the article and display them in the DOM as text, this is a good place to start and play with types and function declerations, check it out.

Feel free to write in the comments.

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